„I can make it!“ ….because winning is fun… . 

Athletes are more than ever well prepared for their competitions. The most modern training methods as well as medical developments help them to get the most out of their bodies but often enough they fail to show their abilities in competitions.
Only 35% are able to perform at their best during a competition. As a lot of athletes are „really good“ their disability to call on mental resources is usually the cause of their failure. It is therefore absolutely indispensable to work on psychological methods as a basis. To reach perfect competitiveness technical skills, power- and stamina training are as necessary as mental training.

In cooperation with the Olympic Centre in Frankfurt we have developed a concept which is based on the newest scientific developments in psychology but which also considers the athlete’s personality.

The athlete’s powers as well as his weaknesses have to be analyzed in order to assure that the competition doesn’t turn on the athletes as a fight against himself.

Many athletes look for help only when they have hurt themselves severely or when they suffer from a burn-out-syndrome. A general depression, no motivation, insomnia, lack of appetite or/and problems with relationships can be signs of a burn-out-syndrome.

Mental training helps the athlete to find a new awareness for his/her skills, it increases the athlete’s capacity to concentrate and helps to keep calm and enables him/her to call on abilities in extreme situations.

It is also possible to develop an individual concept with each athlete together with his/her coach or his/her physiotherapist.

To live HERE and NOW, to want EVERYTHING and NOTHING, to be ABSORBED and at the same time to be WIDE AWARE is the state in which dreams turn into reality…

Mental training has been tried with a lot of success with amateurs, children and youngsters.

Mrs, Maric, the owner of the institute, is passionately fond of playing golf and tennis. She has developed a special concept for these two kinds of sport, which has been very well received by two former Top Ten tennis players (presently we support these players at the Australian Open 2008), golfpros and countless amateurs so that her clients have been able to celebrate great successes.